American Quarter Horse- fun facts about great riding horses in San Diego

quarter horseThis post is dedicated to the American Quarter Horse.  It is one of my favorite breeds.  Here is a collection of fun facts about this all American Horse.

The American Quarter Horse originated in the 1600’s in America.  Colonial farmers bred their horses to a faster horse used by the Chickasaw Indians.  These Indian ponies were the Spanish Barbs and had been brought into Florida by early Spanish explorers.  The breed that resulted from this cross was primarily used for sprint racing because they could run short distances faster than any other horse.  The name, Quarter Horse, comes from the quarter mile used in racing.



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However, as the size and activity of the country evolved so too did the Quarter Horses.  The versatile Quarter Horse evolved into a work horse that could do almost any task from pulling wagon and gathering cattle, to exploring new terrain.  This horse’s calm temperament, sturdiness, mixed with its inherent quickness and agility made it a favorite among cowboys in the open-range era of the West.




quarter horse barrelThe American Quarter Horse is a relatively short and stocky horse, with heavy muscular development, a short wide head, and deep broad chest.  They have calm and cooperative temperaments and natural cow sense.  These horses are known for their fast starting, stopping, and turning, all of which were valuable for the pioneer and frontier experience.  Quarter horses come in a variety of colors, but are all solid.  Their height ranges from 14.3-16 hands, and weight from  950-1200 lbs.


quarter horse trottingPresent day quarter horses can be seen in just about any western movie, any timed event in a rodeo, or horse shows involving cutting or reining.  However, these horses can do more than just western disciplines and have been trained and shown in dressage, jumping, as well as doing mounted police patrols, and helping in many therapeutic riding programs.



















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