Riding Lessons


Classical Riding Instruction  and Horsemanship:

This program provides  instruction focused on acquiring the foundations of good riding.  It develops  (and/or expands depending on the rider) the fundamentals of good riding to  create a foundation for success.  This program also addresses horses or  horse/rider issues that are preventing the rider from maximally enjoying their  ride, or from attaining their goals (e.g. spooking, barn sour behaviors,  tenseness).

It is available for:

  • youth and adults  interested in learning to ride and/or care for horses.
  • riders looking to get  back into the sport after a hiatus.
  • riders who are having  difficulty with their riding or their relationship with their horse (e.g.,  pinning ears, barn sour behaviors, spooking, balanced seat).
  • youth and adults who  are looking for a positive outdoor activity that offers adventure and learning.

Pony and Horse Club:

Monthly pony club (for kids) and horse club (for adults) sessions are offered.  During these sessions reduced prices are available for all riders to come out, work in groups, and expand their knowledge of horses, riding, and horse care.   Everyone is welcome and a good time is guaranteed!

Cowboy Challenge:

Bi-annual Cowboy Challenges are offered to all riders.  Courses are set, judges are present, and riders are ready to compete in a fun and friendly atmosphere.   Competition is designed for everyone to have an opportunity to practice and demonstrate their skills on a course set for their unique riding level.  Activities such as this provide riders a fun and social way to assess what they have accomplished and focus on what they may choose to work on in their personal riding.  Fun for all!



Private Lesson with Instructors -$65

Private Lesson with Director – $85

Group Riding Lesson – $55