Correct riding- all in how you sit!

  Here is a great article about the independent seat from a historical perspective.  The independent seat takes months and years to develop and is fundamental to all good riding.  Hopefully you can have fun riding without your stirrups and without your reins and being on the lunge line as it evolves.  Also, as an […]

3 Requirements for Learning to Ride Horses

Working and riding horses is an exciting sport with broad ranging benefits from physical activity, being outside in nature, learning about animals, increasing self-esteem, having adventure, making new friends, and broadening horizons. It has been our experience that learning how to ride well includes 3 factors.  These factors are: 1) Full participation in your lesson […]

American Quarter Horse- fun facts about great riding horses in San Diego

This post is dedicated to the American Quarter Horse.  It is one of my favorite breeds.  Here is a collection of fun facts about this all American Horse. The American Quarter Horse originated in the 1600’s in America.  Colonial farmers bred their horses to a faster horse used by the Chickasaw Indians.  These Indian ponies were […]