The Cost of Horseback Riding Lessons in San Diego

The Cost of Horseback Riding Lesson in San Diego? In the past many people had horses in their backyards, giving a riding lesson was a cheap and easy thing to do.  If you already kept a horse is your backyard for working the farm, giving riding lessons did not increase your expenses and did not […]

Great horseback riding in San Diego and the world includes- knowing how horses think

This video clip from The American Quarter Horse Association highlights the importance of understanding how horses think as it relates to riding and training.  With this information, the possibilities between you and your horse are endless!      

How to choose a riding instuctor in San Diego- Look for someone who can teach you how horses think

This is part two of three posts addressing the issue of “How to Choose a Horse Back Riding Instructor”.  Previously, I mentioned the issue of professionalism and how important it is in an instructor.  From my experience as instructor and student here in San Diego, the second consideration is finding a coach who can teach you “how horses think” or […]