Salisbury Farms Programs

Banner_TherapySalisbury Farms offers therapy programs, experiential learning programs, and classical riding instruction. Salisbury Farms is able to design programs and activities to meet the needs of any rider, group, or agency. See below for a list of some of our current programs. Please contact us if you would like to explore your unique interest in equine activities, or to add a horsemanship program for your agency.

Classical Riding Instruction and Horsemanship:

This program provides instruction focused on acquiring the foundations of good riding. It develops (and/or expands depending on the rider) the fundamentals of good riding to create a foundation for success. This program also addresses horses or horse/rider issues that are preventing the rider from maximally enjoying their ride, or from attaining their goals (e.g. spooking, barn sour behaviors, tenseness). It is available for:

  • Youth and adults interested in learning to ride and/or care for horses.
  • Riders looking to get back into the sport after a hiatus.
  • Riders who are having difficulty with their riding or their relationship with their horse (e.g., pinning ears, barn sour behaviors, spooking, balanced seat).
  • Youth and adults who are looking for a positive outdoor activity that offers adventure and learning


Both traditional Psychotherapy and Horse Assisted¬†Psychotherapy are available. Dr.Oleson’s approach to psychotherapy is skills based. She focuses on supporting the client(s) to develop the skills needed to successfully remediate the presenting problem. Dr.Oleson incorporates behavior modification techniques, play therapy, parent child interaction, and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches.

Horse Assisted Psychotherapy (HAP) is also offered when appropriate.¬†HAP incorporates interactions with horses into the therapeutic process. The importance and success of HAP is in part due to the horse’s ability to be finely attuned to people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Via non-verbal communication the horse is able to validate and reflect a person’s feelings and experiences. The horse’s natural ability to mirror, reflect, and respond to a person’s emotions is a powerful vehicle for personal growth. People’s habits and response styles are reflected back to them by the horse.

Positive Opportunities:

This program is inspired by Resiliency Theory and the processes that support successful childhood development. It is a community support program based in the fundamentals of good horsemanship. Designed for children and adolescents who have experienced academic, emotional, behavioral, or social challenges (including issues with attention, peer interactions, managing moods, self-esteem, and body image), this program is a unique form of support. It offers opportunities to learn new skills, increase self-esteem, practice care-taking behaviors, develop self-awarenes, plus have fun in the process!

G.A.L.L.O.P. (Giving Autism Life Lessons on Ponies):

This is a horsemanship program for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental delays. As with all of our programs, the needs of each rider are assessed for the various levels of structure and supervision available. This program is designed to provide students opportunities for positive social interactions, to learn basic horse care and horse knowledge, and an opportunity to groom, ride and have fun with horses.