The correct use spurs- the theory of Craig Cameron




quarter horse

Here is a great article by Craig Cameron.  He has his own show on TV and is one of the founders of the Cowboy Challenge.  His article touches on two topics that I find so important in both my own riding and in my instructing.  The first is the importance of knowing how to use secondary aids, in this case the spur, but this will also generalize to whips and bits.  If used correctly these are tools that will make your horse lighter and softer (not scared or stiff).  The second is his highlight on the importance of the “release” in riding.  As important as using the spur, is knowing when to stop.  He calls this “pay check” riding and I think that is brilliantly put.  These are such great concepts and key to anyone at any level in the sport of horseback riding!    Enjoy.

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