Why owning and riding horses is good for kids!- a great article

I read this article from Horse and Rider magazine and found myself agreeing with every sentence.  It outlines some of the real life benefits associated for young women who own and ride horses.   Please enjoy the read, and from my experience it is all true!   http://hannahebroaddus.com/10-reasons-your-teenage-daughter-should-own-a-horse/    

Common Horse Riding Errors

2 Common Rider Errors: These are common rider errors.  I have experienced them all first hand, as a rider and an instructor. a)      Looking down- When riding a horse looking where you are going is important.   Where you look effects your posture and your weight, these are cues that the horse feels.  If you are […]

Horseback Riding San Diego- How to Sit Correctly on a Horse

This is a video clip that has some nice diagrams of the correct seat position, and some good examples of common rider error and exercises to help fix them.   For people new to the sport, I also like this clip because it is a nice review of some of the basic goals and stumbling blocks riders work […]

How to be a Good Horseback Rider- Get an Independent Seat

How to ride a horse well – Develop an Independent Seat What do all of the great riders in San Diego and the world have in common?  An independent seat!  It is a common term (“independent seat”), but it is not always explained or understood well. What is an Independent Seat?  An independent seat is […]

The Cost of Horseback Riding Lessons in San Diego

The Cost of Horseback Riding Lesson in San Diego? In the past many people had horses in their backyards, giving a riding lesson was a cheap and easy thing to do.  If you already kept a horse is your backyard for working the farm, giving riding lessons did not increase your expenses and did not […]