3 Requirements for Learning to Ride Horses

Working and riding horses is an exciting sport with broad ranging benefits from physical activity, being outside in nature, learning about animals, increasing self-esteem, having adventure, making new friends, and broadening horizons. It has been our experience that learning how to ride well includes 3 factors.  These factors are: 1) Full participation in your lesson […]

The Cost of Horseback Riding Lessons in San Diego

The Cost of Horseback Riding Lesson in San Diego? In the past many people had horses in their backyards, giving a riding lesson was a cheap and easy thing to do.  If you already kept a horse is your backyard for working the farm, giving riding lessons did not increase your expenses and did not […]

How to choose a horseback riding instructor in San Diego?- Look for a Professional

If you want to take horseback riding lessons, then choosing the right instructor is an important decision.  It will affect how you ride, your relationship with your horse, and your safety.  But, it is not necessarily an easy one.  There are some certifications available, but no definitive standard in the field (i.e. anyone can offer horseback riding lessons).  The pros […]