Correct riding- all in how you sit!

  Here is a great article about the independent seat from a historical perspective.  The independent seat takes months and years to develop and is fundamental to all good riding.  Hopefully you can have fun riding without your stirrups and without your reins and being on the lunge line as it evolves.  Also, as an […]

Common Horse Riding Errors

2 Common Rider Errors: These are common rider errors.  I have experienced them all first hand, as a rider and an instructor. a)      Looking down- When riding a horse looking where you are going is important.   Where you look effects your posture and your weight, these are cues that the horse feels.  If you are […]

The correct use spurs- the theory of Craig Cameron

      Here is a great article by Craig Cameron.  He has his own show on TV and is one of the founders of the Cowboy Challenge.  His article touches on two topics that I find so important in both my own riding and in my instructing.  The first is the importance of knowing […]

3 Requirements for Learning to Ride Horses

Working and riding horses is an exciting sport with broad ranging benefits from physical activity, being outside in nature, learning about animals, increasing self-esteem, having adventure, making new friends, and broadening horizons. It has been our experience that learning how to ride well includes 3 factors.  These factors are: 1) Full participation in your lesson […]

How to Bridle a Horse

Tacking up a horse takes time to master.  Here is a great clip about correctly bridling a horse.  It is usually helpful to have a visual reference and this video provides a nice demonstration.  There is one caveat, in this example the rider let her halter drop to the ground while still hooked to the cross tie.  We recommend never leaving […]

How to ride a horse at the posting trot

Learning to do ride the posting trot correctly is a difficult and important step.  In the beginning it can be tough to understand what the horse is doing and how the rider is supposed to move to stay in rhythm with the horse. This video clip is short and sweet.  It uses “slow motion” to give […]

How long does it take to learn to ride a horse?

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Ride A Horse?  For San Diego riders and beyond! Learning to ride a horse well takes years.  I compare it to learning ballet.  No one expects to be a great ballet dancer in a 1 year of lessons, or after a week of ballet summer camp.  Good […]

Horseback Riding San Diego- How to Sit Correctly on a Horse

This is a video clip that has some nice diagrams of the correct seat position, and some good examples of common rider error and exercises to help fix them.   For people new to the sport, I also like this clip because it is a nice review of some of the basic goals and stumbling blocks riders work […]

Horseback Riding in San Diego – How to Meet a Horse

Many of us love horses, when we see them we just want to touch them and talk to them.  Unfortunately, in our gusto, we forget how we may be impacting them.  Here are some quick reminders of how to approach, touch, and meet a horse. 1-      Approach-We are predators, horses are prey animals.  Predators often are very […]

How to be a Good Horseback Rider- Get an Independent Seat

How to ride a horse well – Develop an Independent Seat What do all of the great riders in San Diego and the world have in common?  An independent seat!  It is a common term (“independent seat”), but it is not always explained or understood well. What is an Independent Seat?  An independent seat is […]