Correct riding- all in how you sit!

  Here is a great article about the independent seat from a historical perspective.  The independent seat takes months and years to develop and is fundamental to all good riding.  Hopefully you can have fun riding without your stirrups and without your reins and being on the lunge line as it evolves.  Also, as an […]

The correct use spurs- the theory of Craig Cameron

      Here is a great article by Craig Cameron.  He has his own show on TV and is one of the founders of the Cowboy Challenge.  His article touches on two topics that I find so important in both my own riding and in my instructing.  The first is the importance of knowing […]

How to ride a horse at the posting trot

Learning to do ride the posting trot correctly is a difficult and important step.  In the beginning it can be tough to understand what the horse is doing and how the rider is supposed to move to stay in rhythm with the horse. This video clip is short and sweet.  It uses “slow motion” to give […]

How long does it take to learn to ride a horse?

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Ride A Horse?  For San Diego riders and beyond! Learning to ride a horse well takes years.  I compare it to learning ballet.  No one expects to be a great ballet dancer in a 1 year of lessons, or after a week of ballet summer camp.  Good […]

The Cost of Horseback Riding Lessons in San Diego

The Cost of Horseback Riding Lesson in San Diego? In the past many people had horses in their backyards, giving a riding lesson was a cheap and easy thing to do.  If you already kept a horse is your backyard for working the farm, giving riding lessons did not increase your expenses and did not […]

How to choose a riding instuctor in San Diego- Look for someone who can teach you how horses think

This is part two of three posts addressing the issue of “How to Choose a Horse Back Riding Instructor”.  Previously, I mentioned the issue of professionalism and how important it is in an instructor.  From my experience as instructor and student here in San Diego, the second consideration is finding a coach who can teach you “how horses think” or […]