How to Bridle a Horse

Tacking up a horse takes time to master.  Here is a great clip about correctly bridling a horse.  It is usually helpful to have a visual reference and this video provides a nice demonstration.  There is one caveat, in this example the rider let her halter drop to the ground while still hooked to the cross tie.  We recommend never leaving equipment (especially ropes and halters) on the ground where someone could get caught up in them and trip.  If you would like more info about our riding school, pony club, events, or equine assisted activities please contact us at or 619-723-6202.  Happy Trails!


About Amy

Dr. Amy Jane Hayden Oleson is the founder of Salisbury Farms. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and lifelong horse enthusiast. She has combined her passion for working with horses, instructing, and helping others into a unique and versatile community support program. She offers equine assisted activities and classical riding instruction to individuals interested in learning more about horses and themselves.

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