3 Requirements for Learning to Ride Horses

horseback-riding-lessonsWorking and riding horses is an exciting sport with broad ranging benefits from physical activity, being outside in nature, learning about animals, increasing self-esteem, having adventure, making new friends, and broadening horizons.

It has been our experience that learning how to ride well includes 3 factors.  These factors are:

  • 1) Full participation in your lesson at every level, from catching, grooming, riding, all the way to showing horses, each aspect is important requires attention and instruction to be done well.
  • 2) Commitment to your weekly appointments, consistent attendance and frequent attendance result in quickest improvements.
  • 3) Financial awareness, this sport is expensive knowing how and when to invest with your economic resources is very important.  For people just entering the sport, a general rule is that 1-2 years of weekly riding is recommended prior to leasing or buying a horse, 3-6 months of weekly riding lessons are recommended before purchasing equipment.

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Happy Trails!

Salisbury Farms

About Amy

Dr. Amy Jane Hayden Oleson is the founder of Salisbury Farms. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and lifelong horse enthusiast. She has combined her passion for working with horses, instructing, and helping others into a unique and versatile community support program. She offers equine assisted activities and classical riding instruction to individuals interested in learning more about horses and themselves.

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